Monday, April 02, 2018

More Musket Action

Dave scored a leave pass to come & try out  Musket Action, bringing his 1,000 pt American force with him.   We fought a modified Bolt Action Key Positions scenario.There are 5 objectives - the 3 farm houses & the church, plus the ridge on the near left.
The Americans are on the far side.  American regulars in the centre.  French regulars on their left & woodsmen mostly marksmen or riflemen on both flanks.
The Brits have their regulars in the centre, Indians on the left & grenadiers, light infantry & Indians on their right.
The British plan was obvious enough - advance quickly, grab the church & hang on.
The British advance succeeded in taking the church but the line came under heavy converging fire from the Colonial regulars & their supporting artillery & skirmishers.  The grenadiers advanced to cover the right of the line infantry taking on the French threatening their flank.  On the other flank the Indians advanced to distract some of the colonial fire.
By the end of turn 6 the Brits held their original 2 farmhouses & the church so were in a winning position.  But in the wood on the right the Colonial light troops had swept the British light infantry & Indians away & had the last unit there - close to taking the farm on that flank.
The dice gave us a turn 7 & there was nothing the Brits could do to intercept the Colonial light infatry taking that objective & turning it into an American victory.
Dave used his Inspirational leader & his marksmen particularly well in his first game of Musket Action - demonstrating how easy it is to pick up for Bolt Action players.


Tas 1812 said...

Cracking game again Jim, thanks for having me over! never a dull moment as every order die became quite crucial from turn 3 onwards.



Jim Gandy said...

Tas 1812's batrep is on the Miniatures Page: