Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Musket and Bolt ACtion

Mark & Steve played a practice match for next Saturdays Bolt Action tournament.  Jim & Mike did Musket Action.

Musket Action:  Jim's Brits v. Mike's French: French & Indian Wars
The forces are 1,000 pts.  The Mission was to hold the hamlet or of that was still disputed to kilel at least 2 more enemy units than you lost.
The Brits are on the near side. 
The Brits plan was to grab the hamlet & hang on. 
The plan was to let them have it then blast them out of it.  
There was a lot of activity on the flanks but they were side shows.  The main event was in the centre where the bigger French coys overpowered the smaller British ones despite their greater number of coys.  away 
The French grenadiers stormed the house on the right. 
By turn 6, the Brits still held one house, but they had far higher losses than the French so Mike won his first game of Musket Action by a big margin.

Bolt Action: Steve's Germans v. Mark's Italians
1,000 pts, Sectors Scenario. 
Steve's Germans had the Italians beaten by the end of turn 5.

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