Sunday, April 22, 2018

More Musket Action in 18th century America

Friday afternoon at Camp Cromwell
JohnM's Brits are on the far side of the table, Jim's French on the near side.  The 3 houses are the objectives in a Key Positions scenario. 1,000 pts.

Both sided raced grenadiers up the centre to grab the middle house.  The Brits got there first.  Both side advanced their right flanks.
The French grenadiers drove the Brits out of the vital house to control 2 objectives. 
A British cavalry charge across the corn field caused Indians to flee then rode down two coys of French line infantry.
The successful British cavalry were disposed of by musket fire from the houses & the French grenadiers held onto the centre house - so the French won even though they had higher casualties than the Brits.

Sunday Afternoon at Good Games: War of Independance
Envelopment Scenario 1200 pts.
We tried a more open battlefield this time, with just a bit of close terrain on the flanks.
Chris is defending on the far side with the French/Americans.  Jim is attacking with the Brits.  All the Brits are in their first wave.  Half the French/Americans are in reserve. 
The Brits don't muck about - they advance on the whole front.
A French counterattack in the centre has knocked out 2 Brit infantry coys, but a cavalry counterattack took out one of the victorious French coys.  The mostly inexperienced American reserves are slow to come on to help their French allies.
That battle has developed into 3 different types of fights:  On the left - a fire fight.  In the centre - charge & countercharge.  On the right - Indians in the orchards v. Inexperienced line infantry.
The Brits are getting the upper hand all along the line.  
The last Americans have finally arrived, but it's too late. 
At the end, the Brits lost 5 units so the French have 10 VPs.  The Brits killed 9 plus have 6 units in the 2VP zone for 21 VPs & a clear win.  This game took us about one & half hours - a bit faster than usual because of the more open terrain.  

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