Wednesday, April 04, 2018

Hail Napoleon: French v. Austrians & Russians

The scenario started with a Russian infantry division & cavalry division facing 2 French infantry divisions.  The Russians had an Austrian infantry division & an Austrian cavalry division coming.  The French also had an infantry & a cavalry division coming. 
The place where the reinforcements were coming on was decided by lot & known only to their own side.  The time of arrival of each at the table edge was decided by dicing at the end of each turn after turn 1.
The command ratings of the forces are: French 9, Austrians 8, Russians 7 (8 if charging).
Players: Russian foot: Chris. Austrian foot: Mike.  Allied cavalry: newbie JohnS. 
French cavalry: SteveJ. French centre: Mitch. French left: Mark.  Umpire: Jim.
Rules: Hail Napoleon = house ruled Hail Caesar.
 The Russians are on the right.  The French began with an advance on the their left.
The French softened up the end of the Russian line with skirmishers while waiting for their reserves.  Their infnatry came on behind their left, their caavlry on their right.
The Austian cavalry came on the near end of the table, their infantry behind the Russians. 
With their reserves coming up behind the French attacked the Russian right flank.
The Austrian infantry are moving towards the French centre.
The Allies have been trying to attack with their cavalry, but poor command has slowed them down.
The French attack has stalled in the farmyard & the attack on the house beaten off.  The Austrian foot has gone into line in the centre.
The Austrian cavalry has finally attacked the french cavalry on the far flank & is doing well.
The French infantry attack in the farm yard stalled & that division has been withdrawn before the Russians could break it.  The French have mow attacked in the centre & are driving the Russians back there.
The French cavalry has been defeated, but the victorious Austrian cavalry is in no fit state to do much.  The Russian cavalry finally got a good command dice & charged French infantry in line.  They failed to get into square & were ridden down.

The Russian infantry get less dice than the French, but deduct 1 from their Break Test dice under our Stubborn rule.  The French columns pushed the Russians back in the centre but they failed to break them before their columns became shaken & unable to continue the attack. 
The Austrian attack left of centre has stalled due to heavy casualties from French fire.  
At this stage the French called a retreat.  Their attacks have run out of steam & Russian cavalry is behind their right flank. 

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