Sunday, April 15, 2018

Operation Cromwell 2018.1: Bolt Action Tournament

16 players:
8 Axis: 6 German, 1 Romanian, 1 Italian.
8 Allied: 1 French, 2 Soviet, 2 British & 3 US.
6 players from Area 52, 5 from Good Games & 5 from Devonport Gaming Club.
Area 52 provided us with a great venue & returned the entry fees in prize vouchers. 
Many thanks to Andrew for his help.
The roster was made strictly Axis v. Allies, but also avoided matches between players from the same group.
There were 9 tables, 3 provided by the Devonport Gaming Club. 1 by Area 52, 3 by the Devenish bros, 1 by John Mumford & 1 by me, the TO.
The players made being TO a breeze - they all turned up on time & had a great attitude.

There are some detail pics of the figures & scenery posted on the Bolt Action Tasmania Facebook page.  The standard of modelling was as usual pretty amazing - so many great looking armies I couldn't possibly pick one out for a beauty prize.

The prize vouchers went to:
World Domination Prize for best Axis: Chris Mackonis
Fight for Freedom Prize for best Allied: Richard Harris
Banzai Prize for killing the most enemy but not winning: Sean Devenish
Peace Prize for killing the least enemy but looking great: Dennis Berwick
Bragging rights for best team: Good Games
Axis v. Allies: Axis well on top

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