Tuesday, March 13, 2018

Shenandoah 1862 Campaign: Battle of Winchester part 2

We picked up where we left off last Tuesday.
On the eastern flank Union troops appeared in the woods & forced the Reb cavalry back with rifle fire.  The Reb infantry did not advance off the wooded ridge.  Banks battered & fatigued division was content to sit behind the river, but artillery shells don't get tired & his cannon began to do some serious damage to the CSA centre as it advanced on the town. 
On the western flank Jackson continued his attack.  Both sides had suffered heavy casualties on this flank, but Ewell's men were now coming up to help Jackson's out while Shield's men had no reserves & his line was beginning to crumble.
Shields has begun to fall back as the fresh Rebel infantry come up to the front. 
General Mitzi casts an keen eye over proceedings as Shield's division is given a general withdrawal order & breaks off the fight.   Banks' division is still at a safe distance from the Rebs, but it too is now given a general withdrawal order.

We now go back to email & map campaign mode until we get to another battle situation.  Jackson will later this day take Winchester & with it Banks' main supply base.  Bank's army will need some rest before it is fit to fight again, but Banks has a clear line of retreat to alternative supply sources to the north & the expectation that other Union forces should be on the move to help stop Jackson.


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