Wednesday, June 06, 2018

Bolt Action Tank War

Germans (Chris & Steve) with a bunch of MkIII's, some Panzergrenadiers & a Pak 40 v. British (Mark, Mike & Jim) with a bunch of Shermans & Cromwells & some infantry.  Tank Wars scenario with 4 objectives.
The Germans are on the left.  The objectives are on the tow hills in the foreground, the bridge & the ridge far right.  Both sides sent infantry to secure the objectives at the far end of the table
The Brits attacked on the near flank destroying the German armour there & pushing infantry forward to attack the enemy objective.  Heavily armed Panzergrenaders drove the British infantry back from the near LH objective.  On the far flank the German attack with 2 Mk III's  ran out of time before it could attack that objective.

The Brits claimed to have taken won by having 2 objectives to 1 with 1 in dispute, but video review indicates that the near LH objective was never clearly taken from the Germans (as the Panzergrens arrived within 6" in the same move as the Brits) so the objectives split 2 & 2.  But the Brits destroyed 4 tanks to nill so can still claim victory. The Brits appreciated having the best tanks on the table for a change & used them well.  The game featured much poor shooting by both sides, but was enjoyed by all - BA Tank Wars is a much better game on a big table where there's room to move & maximum range matters. 

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