Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Napoleonics: French v. Russians

French: 3 infantry divs of 3 line 1 light & 1 gun, 1 heavy cav div of 4 dragoons & 1 light cav div of 2 hussars & 2 chasseurs.  Mark, John & Jim.
Russians: 2 infantry divs of 5 line 1 yeger & 2 guns, 1 heavy cav div of 2 cuirassiers & 2 dragoons, 1 light cav div of 4 hussars.  Mike, Chris & Nick.
The French have Command Rating 9, the Russians Command rating 7.
To win the French have to break through the Russian centre.  The Russians win if they hold the line until 10pm.  The French are on the right in this pic, but the rest of them have the French on the left. 
The French are advancing on the Russian centre with 1 inf div covering their left.  Their cavalry, initially in reserve are redeploying to their right.
The Russian right is trying to mount a counterattack, but with their poor Russian command are not going much.
The Russians in the centre have not waited for the French but have charged forward to meet them.  The Russians on the left are advancing painfully slowly. Both side's cavalry are content to look at each other for now.  
The French are throwing terrible dice in the centre & getting the worst of the infantry fight.  This has spurred the French cavalry into action, but even with their superior command rating they are advancing slowly.
The Russians are finally putting some pressure on the French left as their centre begins to collapse.  The French hussars are doing well, but so are the Russian cuirassiers.
The French centre has collapsed.  The French dragoons are hanging on, but their hussar's second line failed a critical command test to put in a flank attack that might have saved them.
The dragoons are broken & French army fails its Army Break Test with 3 of 5 divisions broken with more than half an hour to spare.  So a great Russian victory.  Of course the French CIC blamed unlucky dice & a revised Russian Stubborn rule we were trialing, but the Russian tactics in the centre were very good.  They deployed in column & counterattacked before superior French firepower could take effect.     


fireymonkeyboy said...

Black Powder? Looks terrific on the table.

Jim Gandy said...

Not Black powder: Hail Napoleon = house ruled Hail Caesar for Napoleonics. See answer to comment on the previous post for reasons for basing HN on HC rather than BP.

Phil said...

Nice report, impressive lines of battle!