Tuesday, August 07, 2018

Bolt Action Tank War

We had a quiet night tonight with only 3 punters.  Mark umpired a 1250 pt Tank War game between Jim's Panzers & Mike's Brits.  There are 4 objectives - the village, the far end of the road & the 2 central hills.
The Germans are on the near side of the table.  2 small infantry to contest the village.  3 Hetzers in the centre wood & 2 MkIII in the far wood.
The Brits have infantry & a Sherman going at the village, 2 M10 on the central ridge & 2 Shermans & an M8 on the far flank. 
The MkII's engage from cover as the Hetzers move over to help.  The Brits send an M10. 
In the village the Brits with armoured support have the 2 small German sections pinned down but teh objective is still in dispute. 
The Germans have too many guns on this flank & the British armour is burning. 
The GI's cleared the village & the Sherman made a rush for the German's central objective.  The M10 pulled out of the hopeless fight on the flank & turned back to cover the central objective.  The hetzers turned on the Sherman from the village & though it got to the objective on turn 8, it died under a hail of Hetzer fire.  Objectives were shared 2 each, but the Germans won 6 kills to 3.

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