Friday, June 26, 2020

Friday afternoon Men o' War

4 British ships (John) v. 4 French (Jim)
The French fleet is in the foreground with the wind on their port quarter.  The Brits have the wind on their starboard beam.
The French get some long range but unopposed shots on British rear ship.
The French turn as the Brits take cover behind an island.
The fleets converge close hauled on opposite tacks.   The British concentrated their fire on the lead French ship inflicting such heavy damage that it tried to tack away, but the crew missed the tack, were taken aback so pounded at point blank range by the lead two British ships they struck their colours.
The lead French ship with colours struck has drifted downwind leaving the 2nd ship now with it's T also crossed.
The 2nd French ship has struck its colours & turned out of the line as the British van laps around the French rear.   In this close in each.
The remaining two French ships break off the action running off to the right.    The two ships furthest from the camera are the struck French ships.  The British ships have a lot of rigging damage & can't pursue, but claim a clear victory with 2 prizes.

The French got the advantage early, but better British seamanship saw them nail all their tacks to get an advantage while the failed tack of the French flagship ruined their battle plan.


KEV. Robertson. said...

Nice to see the AIRFIX ships out for yet another epic battle.

Gonsalvo said...

Lovbe the ships; I have to get my own 1:1200 ships out on the table soon!