Monday, October 30, 2006

Camp Cromwell 30/10/06

Monday 30/10/06: Maharajah 2006 EF1

Nick's Panzers v. Peter's US Infantry in a FFA on Mediteranean terrain.

Peter's army had 3 batteries of 105s, Heavy Mortars, A/tank, Engineers with the lot, lots of GIs with lots of support, heaps or bazookas plus Air. Nick's had HQ MkIIINs, MkIVs, MkIIIN's, Flamers & MkII recon.

Nick placed his objectives in two open areas - centre and (his) left. Peter placed one objective on his left in woods and the other 120cm away.

Nick charged forward at both objectives, leaving only some Panzer Flamers to cover the objective on his right. The US cause took a nosedive when the GIs on German's LH objective failed to dig in. The MkIIs & HQ hosed them with mgs, then they threw bad saves. The MkIIs took the objective by assault on turn 2. Peter's artillery took out a couple of MkIIIs in the centre, a bazooka got a Mk IV, but the USAF failed to show on turn 2, the MkIIs saved their artillery hits & it was Game Over already.

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