Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Camp Cromwell 15/10/06

Maharajah Elimination Final #2: MarkO's US Inf v. MarkW's FJ

2000 pts Breakthrough, US defending in messy Tunisia terrain.
Umpires: Jim, Steves^2, Nick.

The US so-called Infantry had as many tanks as some Armoured Coys so attacking was not a good looking option for the FJ, but the dice had so decreed.
Mark put one Infantry in reserve and stormed forward on his right with the other two.
The air pretty well neutralised each other with both sides doing well with interceptions.
MarkW's luck was pretty appalling and his attack petered out against dug in infantry supported by Honeys (arriving early from reserve).
The FJ's only real chance of victory was the reserve infantry platoon which came on promptly and grabbed the far objective on turn 3 before the US could get troops onto it. The US rushed Shermans & infantry towards the objective as they bombarded it with air, mortar & artillery fire. The FJs survived the bombardments pretty well, but failed to dig in and then got hit hard by the Shermans' MGs. Lousy saves lead to a morale test & when the platoon failed morale it was Game Over for the FJ.

MarkW is eliminated from Maharajah 2006, MarkO will play the loser of the 2nd Qualifying Final (SteveJ or Chris).

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