Friday, September 29, 2006

Camp Cromwell 28/09/06

SteveJ's Strelkovy v. Jim & Mark's Fucilieri.

Encounter mission on a random hilly, rocky Tunisia 8x6 table (must have been in the Caucasus).
Jim & Mark had 2 1000 pts Fucilieri Coys v. Steve's 2000 pts.
Steve's infantry was supported by 10 T34s & GOWs. The Ities had Sporadic Air.

The Russians attacked on both flanks. The T34s started on the right, but finding the Ities A/tank concentrated there, they doubled left and supported the attack there. The attacks were slow to develop due to late arrival of reserves (on both sides). In the meantime a battle of attrition went on. The Gods whittled away at the Itie guns and vice versa. The T34s took steady losses from Stukas (for once the Regio Areonautica showed up regularly) and heavy artillery. By the time the Russian attack on their left went in the T34s were about half gone & they were finished off by redeployed A/tank guns. Their supporting infantry broke the front line, but were mown down by HMGs. On the other flank Steve wasted one infantry unit by allowing them to be bottled up on a mountain top. The other infantry unit was worn down by gunfire, then the pesky L6's finished it off and charged onto the objective. A last counterattack by the AA & A/tank guns failed to blow the L6s off the objective - another win for the Axis.

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