Sunday, September 10, 2006

Fort Floriet 05/09/06

Five players attended this week, which seems to be the magic number lately. Two FFA Tourney games were played.

Game 1. Starn 1600pts Russians vs. Chris 1500pts Tunisian GermsThe Russians failed Company morale after 6 turns of being bombed, mortared, Artillery and Machine Gunned. The Stugs took out 3 Matildas.A 6:1 win to the Germans losing 4 stands in the process.

Game 2. Corinna 1600pts Grenadiers vs. Aggro 1600pts GrenadiersAlthough Corinna won the game 6:1 it was a lot closer than the result showed. Corinna saved 2 platoons by passing the sole survivor motivation checks so technically didn't lose a single platoon. The main parts of the battle hinged on Corinna's Tiger & Pz III taking the left objective under the hail of shots from an 88 and some 105's. The Tigers took the objective eventually. Meanwhile on the other flank 2 of Aggros Grenadier Platoons advanced on the left objective, they were worn down and ground to a halt as they assaulted the objective. They were just repulsed by a healthy Grenadier Platoon preventing Aggro taking the objective.

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