Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Fort Floriet 12/06/09

Four players this week Doug, Aggro Chris & a new Russian Player Rob.

Doug played an introductory game with Rob - Russians vs. Frogs. Rob learned that Russians can get slaughtered by confident trained troops with lots of MGs.

Hold the Line: Chris 1500pts Tunisian Germs vs. Aggro 1600pts Grenadiers.
The 2 armies were similar in make up so however got to defend was in the box seat. Chris got to defend and lost 3 stands and 1 Stug F8 to the 120mm Mortars (Chris's dreaded luck with the Stugs continued needing a 1 on the dice for the mortars to have a chance). 6:1 win to Chris.

The 3rd Round draw was done for the next round of the Northern Tourney and a Hold the Line Mission was diced. Current standings with an incomplete 2nd round.
Round NumberPlayer 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 Chris 6 12 Doug 5 Corinna 1 7 Aggro 6 7 Rodney 4 Matt 3 Starn 2 3 James S 1.

Next week will be the last Floreat Night for 3 weeks Chris is on a Recon mission oseas. Hope to have a big turn out next week and maybe complete the round 2 games.

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