Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Fort Floriet 19/09/06

Only a small turnout this week with Doug, Aggro & Chris.

Practice game a Meeting Engagement was diced.
Chris DAK 15th Panzer Division 1500pts vs. Agro Grenadiers 1600pts.

Aggro deployed 88's concealed behind ridge on the left objective with mortars on their left & a Grenadier Platoon on the Right objective. Chris placed 4x Panzer II's in centre and 4 X F1's on the right flank with the 2 IC Panzer III J covering the DAK left hand objective.

Turn 1. Aggro got 1st turn and dug in all 3 platoons. Chris went to plan B, as his F1's would now be very unlikely to kill any 88's. Panzer II's advanced under cover as did the F1's on the DAK right.

Turn 2. Aggros airpower and mortars did nothing. DAK went all out offensive before reserves arrived 4 Panzer II's and 4 Panzer F1's only managed to kill one 88 the II's tried to assault but were beaten off and failed platoon morale.

Turn 3. No reserves planes bailed 1 IV F1. The F1's advanced killing the 88's and sat on the objective.

Turn 4. Aggro got a reserve to save the game and a platoon of grenadiers contested the objective before being cut to shreds by the DAK. The remaining sole survivor fled on the following turn.

Turn 5. Aggro got another grenadier platoon, which came on but needed to assault in order to contest the objective. The DAK had 3 functional tanks and 1 bailed left. The Grenadiers failed their tank terror and Game over.

A 5-2 victory to Chris's Panzers.

The DAK Recon are going to London, Paris, Rome, Munich Amsterdam etc. May try to get to the Bovington tank museum pics to follow in a few weeks. So no Fort Floriet for 4 weeks.

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