Friday, September 15, 2006

Camp Cromwell 14/09/06

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

Tactica: Jim & Oakie's Byzantines v. SteveJ's Huns
Also present: Nick (umpire), Dillon & Cameron.

The Byzantines moved to outflank the Hun left while holding back in the left & centre.
The Huns tried to manoeuvre to face the threat but couldn't match the cunning Byzanine's flexibilty.
Also, six 6's in 8 dice for the Byzanyine's first skirmish fire put the wind up the Huns from the start.
The Huns attacked on their right and 1 heavy Cav unit showed what Huns could do by bowling over a smaller Byzantine Heavy Cav quicksmart. But their Light Cav on that flank was destroyed by Heavys. In centre the Byzantine Infantry drove off another Hun Cav. Another Hun Cav was held by Byz Cav long enought for the Infantry to hit it in flank and finish it off.
Meanwhile, on the Hun left 3 Hun cavalry units were rounded up by the more manouvreable Byzantines.
The Byzantines used their superior manouvrability to generally avoid frontal fights which they could have easily lost & to create flank attacks which are deadly in these rules. A classic case of a good plan backed up with good dice - result a decisive victory for Byzantium.
Tactica rules are bit too stylised for some, but they are a fun set of easy-to-play rules. Better than most.


The current standings in the Maharajah are:
1. Jim 98
2. SteveJ 54
3. Chris 52
4. SteveP 51
5. 5. Nick 29
6. MarkO 25
7. MarkW 23
8. Peter 16
9. Barrie 16 (behind Peter on win/loss ratio)
10. Mariusz 10
The home & away continues until the end of September so the 8 could still change a bit.

Maharajah 2006 Finals Format

Roster: AFL Final 8 system.

Acceptances: Eligible players must confirm they will be able to take part & meet the schedule before we start.
If any of the 8 drop out, the players ranked below will be promoted & no. 9 will become no.8.
The 4 First Round matches are to be played in October.
The 4 2nd & 3rd Round matches in November.
The Grand Final will be in December.
Dates will be set for each match after consultantion with the players and no-shows will be forfeit unless the excuse is impressive & an alternative date is available.

Format: 2,000 pts on 8x6 table.

Standard scenarios selected by dice using the V2 Hardback Table with one veto each.
The players can also agree to mutual vetos of some scenarios before dicing.

Terrain: FOW dice system for the region appropriate for the army pairing (we can use my spreadsheet which has the same recipes).

Historical matches: Where possible battles will be Axis v. Allies with both armies either Afrika or Ostfront.

Company selection:
Each player must nominate up to 3 company types in order of preference - one only from each side in each book.
Eg: 1. Afrika Fucilieri. 2. Ostfront Fucilieri. 3. Afrika Indian Rifles.
3 selections are preferred as if everyone has 3 selections we will always be able to have historical opponents.
If you only have 2 armies you like, that will suffice as long as they are different sides (though this could lead to Afrika v. Ostfront fights).
If you only have 1 favourite army, that will be ok as long as you are the only one.
In each pairing of players the highest ranked pairing of compatible opponents will be used (or the players can agree to another pairing).
If there are two equally high ranked pairings, the highest ranked player chooses.
If a player only has 1 coy, his opponent can choose which one of his valid opponents he uses against it.

Platoon selection:
The players may finalise their platoon selection for each match after determining who is their opponent and which coy type they will be fighting.
They may change their platoon selections between rounds.
The platoon selection is made before determining scenario or terrain.
In any match the players concerned may agree to limit the time scale tighter than just mid war, or to a particular campaign, or say pre Sherman or pre Pussy.

Battles not finished by midnight are won by the attacker/defender where so nominated by the FOW rules for the scenario.
In scenarios with the Fair Fight rule, timed out battles are won by the player highest ranked on the roster.

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