Sunday, September 10, 2006

Camp Cromwell 07/09/06

English Civil War - Camp Cromwell Rules

Peter's Royalists v. Nick's Parliament.

A small battle with 2 pike, 2 musketeer & 3 or 4 cavalry command groups (2-4 units each) a side to test the lastest fiddles with the Camp Cromwell rules.
There was a good deal of cavaliers riding down roundheads then galloping into the sunset.
The parliament's foot did best in in the centre where a musketeer unit got in a flank attack to good effect.
On the parliament's right a steady flow of 6's allowed the roundhead horse to beat the cavaliers.
With their centre shattered and most of their remaining troops in fruitless pursuit the royalists were beaten.

It seeems some of my critisism of the Warhammer Rules last week was unfounded. Nick confessed that some of the weirder events were allowed by his unfamiliarity with the rules. The tweaks to the CC Rules are coming along ok. I found a few more items to iron out tonight.

FOW: SteveJ's Grenadiers v. SteveP's Ivans in 2000 pts FFA on 8x6

It seemed that the rows of German tubes wore the Ivans down and the Grenadiers then walked over the field to bayonet the wounded.

Mahrajah 2006

With only 3 more weeeks to go to the end of the Home & Away, the ladder is currently:
1. Jim
2/3/4: SteveJ, SteveP & Chris are very close.
5. Nick
6/7. MarkO & MarkW are very close.
8/9. Peter & Barrie are very close for 8th spot.
The contenders should be considering their 2000 pt armies. Everyone should select their 2 or 3 favourite Coys - no more than one each of each side from each book. Then we should always be able to have historical match ups in each game.

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