Friday, September 29, 2006

Camp Cromwell Tuesday 26/09/06

SteveP's Strelkovy v. Jim's Panzers

2000 pts Trenchfight, Russians defending on random East Front 8x6 table.
Steve's army had the usual horde supported by 3KVs, 4 SU76 & the Gods of War.
Jim's army had some MkIVGs, MkIVF1s, MkIIIJs, a Tiger & Nebelweffers.

The Germans won the tank fight easily - they had better tanks, more of them, good tactical smoke & better of luck as well. But they then found out that facing an aggressively lead infantry horde backed up by a shirtload of artillery is a very dangerous business for tanks without infantry support. They lost 10 of their 13 tanks before the last 2 MkIVs broke through and grabbed the objective - a win for the Bad Guys.
The KVs were dealt with by the Tiger & MkIV*s, but once they were gone, the Tiger was reduced to backing away from the horde while sniping at artillery. The Sturmoviks didn't do much directly - didn't show up mostly & killed just 1 MkIII, but they did severely restrict the German deployment. The Nebels didn't kill much but their smoke was used to good tactical effect.
The Trenchfight scenario is a Hold the Line variant - the only differences being limited defences helping the defence and preliminary bombardment helping the attack.
My first time commanding Ostfront Panzers - recommended for meglomaniacs - one feels very powerful (at least until the horde starts swamping you).

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