Friday, September 29, 2006

Camp Cromwell 21/09/06

Camp Cromwell 21/09/06

A quiet night tonight - just SteveJ & Jim.

SteveJ's Grenadiers v. Jim's Indian Rifles.

2000 pts Breakthrough on 8x6 table, Germans defending.
Steve's army was his usual mob except he had a Tiger with 2 MkIIIN handmaidens & no 88's.
Jim's was his usual Injuns with lots of artillery & a Matilda platoon.

Steve did his usual trick of deploying off the objectives and covering the ground with big guns. The Indians responded by rushing the closest objective. By turn 2 they had it in their possession, but then realised that they had to hold it until turn 6 to actually win. The Injuns had outrun the cover of their HMGs & Boffors & the double 25pdrs went thru a bad patch while the German artillery chewed curry. All this allowed a Grenadier Coy to retake the objective. The Matildas turned up out of reserve a turn too late - the Panzers were by then close enough to blow them off the other objective. A last Indian attack petered out when the remnants of the Grenadiers refused to fail morale. The Indians had a remote chance of victory in a long term artillery duel, but it was 11 oclock & the battle was awarded to the defenders on time.

This was a late Midwar Ostfront Coy v. a mid Midwar Afrika Coy - the Matildas were hopelessly outclassed by the Panzers. But it was close run thing - the Germans survived a few morale tests that could have ended the game.

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