Sunday, October 15, 2006

Camp Cromwell: Wednesday 11/10/06

Nick's Panzers v. Jim's US Infantry

2000 pts Cauldron, Panzers attacking on Mediteranean Terrain.
The Panzers benefited from a good deployment - with all their forces concentrated.
They smothered the anti-tank guns and artillery with fire and lost just 2 tanks before destroying them.
MkIIIs then rushed an objective on a rocky knoll. They drove past the objective, but terrain & bazooka bails stopped them with just 1 GI unit left within 10cm of the objective. The MkIIs finished the GIs off and took the objective.
Newly arrived Shermans killed or bailed all the MkIIs to buy some time as the 75mm TDs & Honeys came up. The TDs whitled away at the Panzers but the Shermans & then the Honeys died as they tried to contest the objective. Finally the Panzers rolled over the GIs on the other objective & won both by morale failure + objective.
While the mass of advancing Panzers looked irresitible, it was still a close battle in the end - the Panzers had lost 2 of 4 platoons with 1 down to 1 tank - so an Army Morale test for them was only 1 hot shot away.

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