Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Camp Cromwell 04/05/08

Jim's Indian Rifles v. Tim's Panzers - 1500 pts Encounter

Tim put his two MkIII platoons + HQ on the table with only Panzergrenadiers & artillery in reserve. The Indians had 2 Rifles & a double 25pdrs platoon on the table with 2 Rifles & 6pdrs in reserve. The terrain gave the Indians little cover as the Panzers rushed forward on turn 1 & mowed down half of them before they even had a chance to go to ground. The 25pdrs should have extracted some revenge, but shot poorly. 2 bails was poor reward for 16 shots. The Panzers then turned their guns on the 25pdrs and soon destroyed them before finishing off the rest of the Infantry for a casualty free win.

Jim's Indian Rifles v. Tim's Panzers - 1500 pts Breakthrough

The scenario suited the Indians better. They deployed a ring of 25pdrs, 6pdrs & infantry around the German deployment area with 2 Infantry platoons positioned to secure the objectives. Tim put one MkIII platoon & the Panzergrenadiers in reserve & the other Panzer & the 105s on the table. The Panzers charged the Indian left flank. Initially they did well, destroying an Infantry platoon on turn 1. The 25pdrs and 6pdrs now did what they might have done last game & destroyed the MkIII platoon. The HQ continued on to take one 25pdr platoon in flank & with the help of the 105s destroyed that too. But that was as good as it got for the Germans. Indian Rifles on the right flank attacked the 105s while British & Indian Infantry platoons reached and dug in on both objectives. With their advance covered by a hill the the Indians on the right quickly overan the battery.
The Germans got the Panzergrenadiers on the table on turn 4, but with the loss of the battery they had 2 platoons lost & only one on the table & had to take a Coy Morale Test. This they failed giving the Indians victory.

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