Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Camp Cromwell 13/05/08

FOW Midwar Eastern Front

The crusader battle was over soon enough to allow a quick tank battle as well. Nick happened to bring along a 1500 pt Tankovy & a 1500 pt Panzer so Rich took the Russians & Jim the Panzers. Nick & SteveJ (until he had to go to work) assisted the Russians with generally helpful advice.

The Germans deployed their Tiger, 6 MkIIIs & 2 MkIVs in the centre on a flat topped hill & their recon in a village protecting the objective on their right.

The Russians advanced sappers into a wood leading to the objective on the German left with T34s advancing on their right also hidden from the Panzers by the wood. SU85s lurked in another wood covering the centre & T70s covered the objective on their left.

When the Panzers moved left to meet the T34s, the T70s doubled towards the village & the SU85s came forward out of the woods - losing 2 to bogs in the process. The Tiger & MkIVs popped back onto the hill and got lucky - they killed 1 SU & bailed the other unbogged one forcing a morale check - which they failed. The HQ was nearby, so they re-rolled - and failed again - losing their SUs and their command T34. Pretty stiff luck for the Russians to lose so much to just 2 hits.

The T70s reached the village and assaulted the Recon. Many of the tanks got bogged, but they killed one of the two recon teams. The other passed morale and was out of assault range so the the objective remained disputed.

On the other flank the T34s came out from behind the wood and took on the Panzers prior to the sappers making an assault. The Panzers took losses and also had to detach 2 MkIIIs to deal with the T70s on the other flank - but they didn't quite lose enough - they had sufficient firepower remaining to get 5 hits and stop the sapper's charge. Returning their guns onto the T34s, the Panzers hit hard and forced a morale check which the tanks failed. Now the sappers were left skulking the woods unable to attack the 4 remaining panzers without tank support while the 2 MkIIIs systematically picked off the T70s to force an unwinnable Coy Morale test.

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