Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Camp Cromwell 06/05/08

Battalion Battle 2 x 1500 pts LW Coys each Encounter on 8x6 table

British: Jim, Rich, Richard: Desert Rats Rifles & 7th Armour
Germans: SteveJ, Nick, Tim, Peter: Panzergrenadiers & Panzers

After a turn's hesitation while they assessed the situation, the 7th Armoured suddenly snapped into Tally Ho mode and 18 tin cans rushed forward towards the 3 Tigers on the objective on the German left. Despite mounting losses they popped 2 Tigers and momentarily took the objective, but the 2nd Tiger platoon turned up early and in the right place and it was retaken. The 7th Armoured reserves showed up eventually and they too charged forward. To late to save the other Platoons, they swarmed the objective again, but 1 bailed Tiger wasn't enough. The surviving Cromwells & Stuarts gave up on slugging it out with Tigers armed with 21st Panzer dice & made a last mad rush onwards to to 2nd objective, but Tiger shells go faster than even Cromwells & they didn't make it.

There had also been a bit of skirmishing on the rest of the front, but it was insignificant compared the main struggle on the German left. The RAF mostly either didn't show, missed, or got shot down. Left on their own by the anhilation of the Tanks, the Rifles had no chance so the British conceded. The Brits had their chances to win, but there was always a black D dice when they got a sniff.

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