Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Camp Cromwell 03/06/08

Steve's Panzergrenadiers v. Rich & Jim's Canadian Inf (Monty's Meatgrinder)
1500 pts Encounter on 8x6 table.

Steve deployed 2 Inf + Neblewerfers with HMG + SPAA + Tigers (1 big 1 small) in reserve.
Rich deployed 2 Inf, HMG, Hvy Mortars with M10s, Inf, Priests, 6pdrs & Bugs in reserve.

The Germans advanced Inf on their right to sieze the beautiful French village. The Brits advanced a Rifle plat in the centre towards the RH objective. The 6 Neblewerfers dominated the early phase of the battle, killing 3 heavy mortars then destroying the Infantry in the centre.

All the German reserves came on on the right flank. The HMGs set up on their RH objective, the Tigers & SPAA moved aver to the centre. The Canadians concentrated their reserves on their right, double moving the platoons that didn't come on there across. The Priests commenced counterbattery fire on the Neblewerfers for the rest of the battle. They didn't do much killing but did keep them pinned a lot - which was fortunate because whenever they unpinned they caused mayhem - such as killing 3 6pdrs in a turn.

The M10s and the reserve rifles advanced behind hedges on the right as the Tigers moved over through a farm to take them on. Steve's Tiger shuffle came unstuck when the Tiger I bogged crossing a wall. The M10s got 3 sdie shots and popped it. Three of them survived the Tiger II's retubution and when it failed stormtrooper they rushed its flanks and popped it too. The Panzergrenadiers counterattacked and destroyed the Rifles, but the fire of the bugs, M10s & surviving 6pdrs destroyed them & the SPAA in turn. This left the German LH objective defended only by HQ teams. Troops from both sides now rushed across from the other flank. The 3rd rifles made a mess of the 2nd Panzergrenadiers before themselves being mauled by the HMGs, but the M10s took the objective, the HQ's counterattack failed and it was game over. A costly win for the Canadians.
Pic 1 is an overview from behind the Canadian left.
Pic 2 shows how to deal with 2xTigers. 1) Get Tiger I bogged crossing a wall. 2) Move up M10s for 4 side shots - 1 kill. 3) 3 shots from the top gun KingTiger gets just one M10. 4) KT fails stormtrooper. 5) Rush the KT - 3 shots - 1 kill. 6) No worries.

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