Friday, June 20, 2008

Camp Cromwell 17/06/08

Maruiz's Polish Armour v. Jim's Grenadiers in 1500pt Cauldron

The Germans had some advantage of having lots of terrain on half the table with an enemy with no infantry or artillery, but there was still a lot of tanks with fearless crews to deal with. On turn 1 the Poles charged down the road into the village and a desperate struggle ensued between the tank platoon (with HQ attached) & a Grenadier platoon (with HQ nearby). With sides having re-rolls neither failed morale as Assault & Counterassault wore slowly both sides down. Finally the last Polish tank was bailed leaving the Grenadier commander & the Coy commander the only german survivors. But the Germans were more than happy to trade an Infanty Platoon for a large Tank Platoon. Particlarly so when the other Polish Tank Platoon was engaged in an unequal fight with 2 Tigers. The Poles got their 2 M10s on as reserves early, but they missed their shots & were soon dispatched. With no HQ, the Poles failed army morale about turn 3.

Maruiz's Polish Armour v. SteveJ's Grenadiers in 1500 pts Hold the Line - Germans defending

Steve had one of the funny Coys from one of the Normandy books that dripped panzerfausts, panzershreks & antitank guns. The terrain had a lot of clutter, but also some open space down the Polish right where Maruiz put an objective. The Poles advanced with a phalanx of tanks on their right with their M10s on the left. The forward objective was defended by an panzerfaust/schrek heavy platoon, supported by an ambush of 3 88s and soon after 2 Pak 40s from reserve, just in range at the edge of the table.

Most of the Polish armour engaged the antitank at long range, while some worked away at the infantry. Despite heavy losses & lousy dice, the Poles eventually got the 88s. The M10s took on the Nebelwerfers from reserve, got two, but the Pak 40 attached got them in return. The Poles were below half strength, but being fearless with re-rolls they continued to pass Coy Morale tests as they launched a desperate assault on the objective with their last surviving platoon. They took the objective and withstood the German anti-tank. The German infantry then failed tank terror to lauch a counterattack leaving the Poles in possession fo the objective. They once again passed morale to win a costly victory.

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