Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Camp Cromwell 10/06/08

FOW 2x1500 pts LW Free For All (8x6 table)

Germans: Barrie's Panzergrenadiers + SteveJ's Panzers
Maruiz's Polish Armour + Rich's Canadian Infantry

Barrie deployed for an advance on the German left but the Allies got first turn and the Canadians hit first - taking out the Maulier Neblewerfers with M10s before Barrie's Pak 40's hit back. Barrie then lost his 2 Tigers - one to Priests while the other got too close to Maruiz's Shermans & got flanked,& popped by a Firefly. The Shermans then returned their attention to Steve's flank & Barrie resumed his advance. But the Canadian Priests & Heavy Mortars steadily whittled away at Barrie's force & the attack petered out with Barrie below half strength surviving Coy Morale Tests.
Maruiz surprized everyone ): by relentlessly attacking SteveJ on the Allied left. They slugged it out until the Poles ran out of tanks & failed Coy Morale, by which time Steve had just 2 Panthers & a few grunts left surviving on passed platoon morale tests.
At this stage the Allies had only one Coy to the German's two, but the Canadians were the only Coy still fit to fight. Neither side was close to taking an objective so a draw was declared.

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