Thursday, November 13, 2008

Camp Cromwell 10/11/08

Jim & Rich's Panzers v. Leigh's Scotts in HTL, Germans attacking

The swarm of Panzers looked pretty impressive as it rushed forward on turn 1. But an ambush of hot shooting 6pdrs made a big hole in it by taking out the 5 MkIVH platoon in one turn. The 6pdrs then mostly survived a barrage from 6 Neblewerfers, 2 Tigers & 7 Stugs, but they were at least pinned down and did not repeat their heroics. The Stugs charged on, destroyed the Infantry on the objective and took it on turn 3. The Scots had no-one in reach to dispute the objective so the Stugs only had to survive a turn to win the battle. 4 17 pdrs dropped out of ambush & 2 platoons of 4 Churchill moved up and let fly. Most of the Stugs died, a couple remained bailed, but the platoon failed morale & it was a quick game over.
Pic 1 shows the Panzers rushing forward.
Pic 2 shows the Stugs on the objective about to be blown back off it.

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