Saturday, November 01, 2008

Anti-Tiger Leaque Practice Matches

Nick's 20/08/10

Jim's Grenadiers v. Nick's US Armoured in 2000 pts FFA

The Germans deployed infantry on each objective, artillery in rear, HMGs, Pak 40's & Tigers in the centre, Infantry right of centre & SPAA on the left. The US deployed Infantry & most of their armour on their right, artillery in left rear, Honeys & Recon on their left.

The US advanced on both flanks. The Germans advanced their 4 Tigers plus the Infantry & HMGs in the centre. The US rushed the Tigers with their TDs & Super Shermans. Before they even fired a shot 2 Tigers died & one was bailed - the Tigers only passed morale because they had thrown For The Fatherland. The remaining Tigers plus the Paks hit back. The TDs died but so did another Tiger.

On the German right, the Honeys wiped out the advancing Infantry and then rushed the objective, but the Infantry defending it threw hot dice and beat them. On the German left, the Shermans rushed the other objective. They destroyed the defending Infantry & took it, but the Paks & Artillery hit back destroying the whole platoon to save the game. The US Infantry came up & also took the objective. The lone Tiger did a Ned Kelly defying the remaining Super Shermans & 2IC tank to go to the objective. It then survived the attack by the bazooka heavy infantry platoon to maintain dispute of the objective until the Paks could finish off the Super Shermans & force Army Morale Failure.

The US got within a whisker of winning several times, but every time the Huns held on. For The Fatherland is not one of the most desired Tiger Ace Skills, but this time it won the game - without it the Tigers would have been gone without firing a shot, and I lost count of the number of times a 2 unbailed or passed a platoon morale test for the last heroic Tiger.

Camp Cromwell 28/10/09

Jim's 7th Armoured v. Steve's Grenadiers in 2000 pts Breakthrough, Brits attacking.
Steve' army was the same as Jim used v. Nick the night before = 4 Tigers with some support.

The Brits made a rush round the table edge furthest from the Tigers. The Honeys died on the way, but so did a couple of Paks. Two Infantry platoons exterminated each other in the centre. The Cromwells overran the 105's in their path but lost a platoon doing it. The mob of tin then formed a two abreast columns to squeeze between a DG hill & the table edge. They charged out into the open into the face of the Tigers as the reserve infantry came on.

Cromwells burned everywhere under the Every-Shot-Counts fire of the Tigers, but they kept passing platoon morale keeping the Brits in the game with 2 platoons down to 1 tank. Meanwhile the Germans lost their last Paks to artillery, lost another infantry to the Brit reserve infantry & had to check Coy Morale every turn. On their second try the Germans failed giving the Brits victory. The Germans had lost only 1 of their Tigers - to a Murder from the Sextons.

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