Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Camp Cromwell 17/11/08

Maharajah QF1 Round 2

SteveJ's Panzers attacking Leigh's Scotts in HTL

Leigh deployed infantry on the front objective, 25 pdrs on the rear one, Churchills behind the crest of the central hill & 6pdrs & 17pdrs in ambush. Steve deployed Panthers, 2 MkIV platoons, Command & AA on the right, a mixed Panther/MkIV platoon & 20mm AA on the left.

The 17pdr ambush was dropped in the village on the Scott's left. The Panzers paused their advance & took them on. The 17 pdrs died, but took the 3 Panthers with them. On the other flank the Churchills took on the Panzer platoon & eventually beat it. The Scotts reserves didn't start coming until turn 3, though they came in a rush after that.

On the German right the MkIVs attacked the infantry on the objective. The 1st platoon was beaten off but the 2nd took it. The 6pdr ambush & the 2nd Churchill platoon cleared the Panzers on the objective, but the other platoon retook it. Concealed in the smoke of their burning comrades this platoon was harder to hit, but it still lost more than half. It failed morale, but Steve had the CIC with them & could re-roll. The whole battle came down to this re-roll - if Steve failed he would fail Coy Morale as well. But he threw a 4, one Panzer stayed unbailed on the objective & he won the battle.

This means they will fight a Free For All to decide if Pic 1: Deployment.
Pic 2: The Panzers advance.
Pic 3: The Panzers pause to take on the 17pdrs in the village.
Pic 4: The panzers attack the infantry on the objective.

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