Monday, October 20, 2008

Camp Cromwell 20/10/08

Mahrajah 2008 Quarter Final #1

Steve's Panzer Lehr
HQ 2MkIVH 190
4 MkIVH 380
4 MkIVH 380
4 MkV 750
3 SPAA 20mm Arm 120
3 SPAA 37mm Arm 180
Leigh's Black Watch
HQ RV 35
Rifle RV 135
Rifle RV 135
Rifle RV 135
Bugs 3/50 RV 105
4 6 pdrs RV 120
Hvy Mortar + P RV 165
Field Battery 4 25 pdr RV 170
4 17 pdr 200
2 Churchill VII CT* 230
1 Ch VII +2 Ch VI CT* 285
1 Ch VII +2 Ch VI CT* 285
* Normandy Tank Squadron
Hold the Line
Steve Defending

Because of the Normandy Tank Squadron attachment the Scotts counted as armoured so attacker/defender was diced for - thus the Panzers defended. The Scotts made a night attack which allowed them to close up before the Germans could open fire. The Scotts advanced a platoon of Churchills on each flank with infantry & anti-tank guns in the centre.

The Germans deployed MkIVs in the field & wood near the front objective. One Panther was attached to the MkIVs on the left & it alone persuaded the Scotts to hold their right flank tanks back. The other Panthers dropped out of ambush in the wood. The Germans had some success cutting up the central Infantry platoon by advancing to the hedge line then stormtrooping back & the Scottish infnatry all went to ground. But the Churchills on the left mounted a little hill which gave them a good field of fire & they picked off a bunch of MkIVs & AA and the Panthers were whittled away - 1 to 17pdrs, 1 to artillery & 1 to heavy mortars. The Germans just ran out of tanks & failed Coy Morale.

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