Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Camp Cromwell 02/10/08

Thursday at Camp Cromwell

It was supposed to be the Maharajah 2008 2nd Qualifier: Byron's Allied Italians v. Leigh's Panzergrenadiers, but Byrom reported in sick. So Jim & Rich gave Leigh a practice battle.
Leigh's Panzergrenadiers (FE) v. Jim & Rich's Desert Rat Rifles (VB) in 2000 pts Trenchfight, Germans defending.
The Germans deployed first with a Panzergrenadier platoon on each objective, & another + HMGs in ambush. He put 3 lines of barbed wire accross the centre with 2 HMG bunkers.
The Brits immediately saw the weak spots in the German position - fields & woods on the left giving cover for an infantry & no anti-tank immediately available to stop armour crossing the wire in the centre. 2 Rifle platoons supported by 2 lots of bugs attacked through the wood on the left while the tanks attacked the objective directly. One Rifle platoon got stopped by the German 105's but the other one took out half the P/grens & the Cromwells got the rest. But then 2 of the Brit tanks bogged & by dropping a P/gren in ambush in the woods the Germans could counterattack the armour. But it just wasn't their night, the Panzerfaust kept missing, the Cromwells kept passed their bogging rolls & morale tests and the Germans ran out of men to contest the objective.
The Germans made mistakes in deployment they couldn't recover from & their cause wasn't helped by slow reserves either.

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