Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Camp Cromwell 07/10/08

Breakthrough Assault Mission from Stalin's Onslaught

Bad Guys: SteveJ & James
Forces of Evil: Jim & Rich

The Germans squeeled like schwein as the preliminary bombardment cut a swathe through their ranks. The Russians adopted a traditional strategy of charging straight forward on a broad front, but they soon discoverered that the preliminary bombardment didn't hurt the Huns nearly enough. Their army began to melt away under intense German fire. The PT34s went through the minefield & the wire only to discover the hard way that ALL the German infantry squads had Panzerfausts. They died & their suporting infantry was pinned down. In the centre the sappers got to the wire but no further, likewise the Strelk on the right. The SUs on the right were stopped by Pak 40s & Panzerfausts. Only the IS-2s in the centre did much for the Russians - they took on the Stugs when they arrived & destroyed them. But enough Paks had survived the Bombardments to whittle the IS2s down to 1 & all the infnatry were cut down. The no attackers over the line by turn 6 rule gave the Germans victory before the Russians failed morale.
This looks like a tough mission for the Russians - clearly the attack has to be made with a lot more finesse than it was tonight.

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