Friday, October 10, 2008

Camp Cromwell 09/10/08

Maharajah 2008 Qualifier #2

Leigh's Panzer Grenadiers v. Byron's Allied Italians 2000 pts LW Trenchfight

Leigh: HQ + 3 Panzergren + HMG(4) + Pak40s(3) + Stug(3) + 105s + Hvy Mortars + Neblewerfers(3) + 37mmSPAA(3)
Byron: HQ + 3 Fucilieri + 2 HMG(4) + 2 47mm(4) + Shermans(3) + 17pdrs(4) + 25pdrs(8) + Limited Air

Leigh deployed 2 P/grens about the forward objective on his right + 1 P/gren on his left. Wire covered the whole front & minefields most of it. His right & centre were stiffened by 2 HMG bunkers. One HMG & the Paks were in ambush.
Byron deployed across the front with the tanks in the centre. The Preliminary Bombardment was pretty ineffective - 2 infantry teams & 2 HMGs not really enough for the Ities. Byron initially advanced on the whole front, but held the right back rather than charge the bunkers & pressed on on his right. The Paks came out of ambush, missed the Shermans then got popped by return fire & 47's. The Fucileri on the right just failed to take out the P/grens holding a field there & Leigh was able to reinforce them with the HMG ambush before the next wave came up. This platoon also just failed to take out the P/grens. Meanwhile the Shermans had crossed the wire en route for the rear objective. Leigh's reserves were late coming, but they did come in the end & in time. The Stugs took on the Shermans and a mass of artillery & mortar lined the back of the table. The Shermans lost an unequal fight & the last Italian hope went with them. Byron conceded. Byron's flu last week may well have lost him the match - Leigh got to have a practice match in which he made plenty of mistakes he did not repeat.

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