Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Camp Cromwell 10/01/09

Jim's Bersaliglieri v. Renfrey's Australians
2000 pt Cauldron, Ities attacking on 8x6 desert table.

Renfrey erred in placing one objective where the Ities had an approach partly protected by ridges. He placed 2 Digger platoons, 2pdr antitank guns & his double 25 pdr batteries on the table with more Diggers, HMGs, mortars, Valentines & a Matilda to come.
The Ities placed artillery, HMGs & Infantry on the table at the start & tried to weaken the defences while waiting for their reserves. As the Itie armour arrived it was accumulated in one lump behind the ridges. When the last platoon came on the Itie armour charged forward en masse. The Ozzie reserves that had arrived had been sent to harrass the Itie artillery & were unable to assist the diggers on the objective. They didn't have a hope & were quickly over-run.
A case of a deployment mistake ruthlessly exploited. The pic shows the Itie swarm taking the objective.

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