Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Camp Cromwell 20/01/09

FOW: Jims' Grenadiers v. Nick's Russian Armour Late War 1500+a bit points

The Germans defended in a Cauldron mission deploying 2 Grenadier & a Pioneer around the objectives with 3 Pak40's in immediate ambush, Tigers, 105's, SPAA & HMG in delayed reserve. The Russians had about 7 T34/85's & 3 JS on the table to start with more T34/85/s, a horde of light tanks & 3 A/cars in reserve. The ambush was aimed at the T34's & they suffered enough to run away to join the rest of the army on the other flank. But the bailed one left behind got popped forcing a morale test & the platoon was lost. Meanwhile the other T34 platoon & the SU's were softening up the grenadiers & pioneers on the objective in the open while the light tanks rushed up to the German left flank.

The Germans brought their 105s on as their first reserve & started whittling away at the soviet armour in crowded templates. As soon as the Russians got all their forces massed they started their assault on the German infantry. It gave ground to buy time & finally the Tigers arrived behind the JS's& took them on. The T34's desisted from the attack on the infantry to support the JS's, but the Paks had redeployed from the right to support the Tigers. The light tanks continued the assault on the grenadiers.

The Tigers had a charmed life while the Russians took a pounding. The light tanks beat the grenadiers, but had accumulated over 50% losses themselves from artillery, infantry & finally SPAA. The JS's & T34s also lost more than half to the Tigers & Paks. The light tanks & JS's failed morale, the T34's passed. But with the other T34 platoon already gone, that meant an army morale test - which also failed giving the Germans victory in an exciting little battle.
Pic 1: The Paks are finishing off the T34s on the right rear. The Sviet armour is massing on the left. The 105s are deploying in teh foreground.
Pic 2: At the end the Tigers sit on the hill overlooking the battlefield littered with burning Soviet tanks.

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