Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Camp Cromwell 30/06/09

Joe's Spevverband v. Jim's 7th Armoured in 1500 pts Encounter on 8x6.

Joe deployed infantry, Pak 40s & Art at the start with 2 more inf, Hetzers & Stugs in reserve. Jim put infantry & Sextons on the table with 3 tank platoons in reserve. The Germans dug in - Paks in on one objective, infantry on the other & guns in rear. The Brits pushed infantry forward through a wood towards the objective held by Paks & unsuccesfully tried counterbattery with the Sextons. The Germans reserves came on slowly but steadily and spread out - Stugs near the Paks, infantry on the left & Hetzers in the centre. The Brit reserves took a while, then all came at once, 2 on their left & 1 on the right. The Brits concentrated their attack on the Paks & Stugs - hitting them with the Cromwell swarm + infantry charging out of the wood + artillery. The Stugs were killed by the tanks, the Paks were pinned by artillery then destroyed by the infantry. The Germans had no one able to dispute the objective and could only try to kill off the infantry holding it. They did pretty well killing more than half with artillery & infantry fire (the last platoon just came on), but the infantry passed morale to hold the objective & it was all over.

The pic is taken after the Brit Inf have taken out the Paks & seized the objective (with just a little armoured support).

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