Thursday, July 23, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Nick B vs Nick R, 1500 pts Late War flames of war. Nick B tried the 654 JagdPanther platoon list from Wargames illustrated. It went down to Nick R's British Sherman horde -- but the game was vicious and swung back and fowards wildly. In the end two JagdPanthers and a Panther were destroyed by the British, but at the cost of most of their armour. The German infantry destroyed three tanks for no loss, and then assaulted the objective and were destroyed in turn. The Britsh fireflies and aircraft couldn't hit the side of a barn door. And the German pioneers came out of ambush and attacked the British Wasp Carriers and missed! But on the other hand the British M10C's managed a lucky shot at long range that bailed a JagdPanther that then failed to remount, and it was killed the next turn. The other JagdPanther in the platoon got bogged in rough ground, and was abandoned by its crew when the platoon failed morale. There was luck aplenty, thought aplenty, and fun all round in one of the most intense games seen for a long while.

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