Thursday, July 16, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Nick vs Starn, FOW, 2000 pts, Americans vs Germans in a free for all,

The game started with a bang when Nick agressivly attacked on one flank, pushing his mechanised infantry foward in their halftracks right under the nose of three tigers, machine gunning the infantry and artillery in the back that had failed to dig in. By turn two Nick was assaulting the objective, which only had three infantry holding on. But the German infantry did what they needed to -- beating off two waves of assault before succumbing on the third try. But by that time the tigers had managed to kill the Sherman 76's, and they started shooting at the US mechanised infantry. The mech infantry couldnt withstand the firepower and fled. The US shermans on the far flank managed to complete the destruction of the German artillery, and the Germans failed army morale. But the US army was very close to breaking at that point too -- so it was another close run game, even though it looked like being a one sided victory at the start.

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