Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Maharajah 09 2nd Semi Final 28/12/09

Nick's US Armour v. Mark's Fucilieri
2000 pts Breakthrough, Nick attacking.

Nick adopted the same tactics as against Jim's Bersalglieri in his Quarter Final.  Only his priests & Recon were on the table at the start as he relied on his flanking force to come on in good time.

The first rounds went to the Italians.  The Semos came on from reserve on turn 1 and pounced on the Priests, knocking the platoon out that turn (note burning Priests next to Nick in the pic).  The USAF was intercepted by the Picchiatello for the 1st 3 turns.

But that was the high water mark for the Ities.  When the USAF finally got thru they took out an 88.  Then the 1st Sherman platoon came on with HQ & zapped the other one.   Mark had failed to set up an adequate reception committee for the US reserves.  To save the game he had to blast the Shermans off the objective with artillery & airpower.  They failed to do so & the game ended on turn 6 with light casualties to both sides.

The Grand Final will be between Nick's Panzers & Leigh's Death or Glory Boys.
(As both SF winners were Allied, they diced off to see who would change sides.)

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