Friday, December 04, 2009

Nick in Launceston

Club meet was packed -- possibly due to rain. Or maybe a pre-Christmas rush. Only two historical games -- Nick R umpired a game for two younger players, and Nick B played Aggro.

Flames of War -- Nick B (US Infantry) vs Aggro (German Panzers), 1500 pts, fighting withdrawal.

Aggro charged foward. Nick B dropped M10 tank destroyers and they lived up to their name -- scratch one platoon. Then next turn Nick dropped a 57mm AT gun ambush and they destroyed the other panzer platoon. Aggro was left with one tiger and some artillery. But the tiger proved indestructible. It slowly moved foward, crushing the artillery observer and the lone infantry with a bazooka that threatened it, and also destroying the M10's. But in the end, at the end of turn 8 (end of the game), while the tiger had got to the objective it was still contested by US infantry. So a win to Nick

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