Thursday, December 17, 2009

Nick & Jim in Launceston

Jim was up in Launceston for work, and amazingly enough he just happened to be up there for games night.

There we 45 people at the club. Three games of FOW, plus as many players just chatting. And the usual heaps of fantasy / sci-fi games.

Game 1 - Nick (US infantry) vs Darren(German tanks). Darrens tanks were advancing mercilessly -- but then an AT gun ambush knocked out all but one of his tanks. Victory to Nick.

Game 2 - Nick R (British infantry) vs Jim (Italian parachutists). Jim had to attack, but had nothing to take out the British Churchills. And he rolled an inordinant number of '1's. Victory to Nick R

Game 3 - A beautifull big push. When we left the tanks had broken through the Russian infantry. But there was a lot left to go.

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