Friday, July 29, 2011

Quatre Bras Today

Quatre Bras was a small battle overshadowed by the big ones either side, but even so it's surprising how totally unmarked it is today.  It remains a simple crossroads, on the 4 corners there are: a hotel (not even called anything to do with the battle), a car service shop, a derelict old building and a vacant block.  That's it.  There's not even a sign saying it's Quatre Bras - the most edifying sign being the one directing you to the Macdonald's Waterloo (I didn't think Marshall Macdonald was there).  Not that you can miss it, being the crossing of 2 major roads.

The countryside around is typically Belgian - flat and boring with no real features to make it an interesting battlefield to visit.

The 2nd pic is looking towards Ligny with the main road on the left in the line of trees.  The view in every direction is much the same.

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BigLee said...

That "derelict old building" is Quatre Bras Farm, used as a field hospital after the battle. There used to be a commemorative stone on the southern wall but it was stolen last year. (The link also includes other views of the building).

The cross from Hougoumont farm on the battlefield of Waterloo was also stolen, possibly around the same time. Last I read was that Interpol belived the items were 'stolen to order' for a private collector.