Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Cancon Practice 28/12/11

Jim's Hungarian Light Infantry v. Pat's Guard Strelkovy

1500 pts Witch's Cauldron, Hungarians defending.

The Hungarians deployed 2 infnatry platoons with HMGs & a/tan rifles attached from the heavy platoon with Pak 40's in Immediate Ambush.  38T's, 105's & the rump of the heavy weapons in delayed reserve.

The Russians deployed their 6 T34s on their forward right and Regimental guns rear right.  A large and a small Strelk were in Reserve.

The large Strelk was brought on behind the T34s, the small Strelk soon after on the opposite side of the table.

The Russian Reg guns tried to take out the infnatry support weapons, but only got one HMG before they were destroyed by return fire.

The T34's moved up through the woods and tried to soften up the defenders as the Strelk came up.  However the Paks picked off the T34's one by one.

This left it all up to the Strelk.  The small platoon advanced to put pressure on the other flank while the big Strelk lined up ready to charge out of the wood.

The Hungarian reserves arrived just in time.  The 105's deployed at the table edge and started bombarding the large Strelk.  The 38T's doubled forwrd.  They moved to the LHS of the village where their HMGs gave the small Strelk something to ponder.

But the critical action was the attack by the large Strelk.  Their first charge was halted by defensive fire, but their second try destroyed the Paks and pushed the infantry back.  But it was too late.  The 38Ts moved over and backed up the infantry.  The surviving Strelk saved morale, but they had no chance now and Pat conceded.

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