Wednesday, December 07, 2011

Hail Caesar on Pearl Harbour Day

Steve's Seleucids v. Jim & Mike's Carthaginians

The Seleucids (on left in pics) had a cavalry division on each flank, each 2 heavy cav & 2 small light cav and a big infantry division in the centre with 3 phalanxes, 2 medium inf, 2 elephants & 2 skirmishers.

The Punes also had infantry in the centre and cav on the flanks.  On their left 2 med & 2 light cav all small.  On their right 1 standard medium cav, 2 small light and 2 elephants.  Their Gauls 3 warbands with skirmishers were in front centre with 2 citizen spear units and 2 light infnatry and 2 skirmisher units behind.

The Punic right came forward to meet the cataphracts, elephants first.  In quick time the Seleucid division was routed at the cost of the elephants.

The Gauls charged forward with some hesitation followed up even more slowly by the spearmen.   The bowmen on the right advanced and started peppering the mediums on the phalanx's left.  One light unit was sent to guard the camp.

On the far flank, the Punic cavalry fought a delaying action falling back before the Agema.  The medium cavalry were eventually caught and destroyed, but the division did its job keeping the enemy cavalry busy. 

The LH Gauls beat the mediums on the phalanx's right, but the rest of them were stopped by the phalanx.  However, they had weakened the phalanx enough to give the Carthaginian spearmen a valuable edge.  The Cartrhaginian cav from the left had been galloping across the rear to help their left, but seeing their comrades doing ok and the camp adequately protected, turned right and supported the spearmen.  When the last elephant broke under bow fire, the Seleucid army broke with it.  

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