Thursday, December 29, 2011

Hail Caesar at Barrie's

Barrie's Carthaginians v. Mark's Romans

The Romans are on the left in the pics, infantry in centre, cavalry & allied infantry on each flank.

The Carthos have cavalry one each flank, Gallic inf left centre and Cartho spearmen and elephants right centre.

The Carthos lead with their right advancing in echelon.  The Romans advanced their left to meet them.

The Punic cavalry on the right had some initial success then the flank went pearshaped in a welter of Roman 6's.   The cavalry, the elephants & the spearmen were soon routed by the Roman left.

One Gallic warband was left to guard the camp while the others charged forward in a desperate attempt to turn the battle around.  The Punic left flank cavalry was sent across their rear to plug the hole on their right.  (The Roman left had had bad comand dice and was not a threat).

The Gallic charge caught the legionaries to their front not properly aligned and although one warband was flanked by triari the other 2 went straight through the left hand legion and broke it.

Suddenly there was hope for Carthage.  The breaking of the legion left a gap and Barrie sent cavalry through it towards the Roman camp.

But the other legion was closing on the Carthaginian camp.  The warband tried to defend it, but Oakie's dice prevailed and the Romans took the Carthaginian camp first.

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