Thursday, July 12, 2012

English Civil War

Mike's Royalists v. Jim's Parliamentarians

Parliament (in the foreground) deployed 2 pike & shotte divisions in the centre with cavalry on each flak.  They stiffened the cavalry on the left with 2 dragoons & deployed their artillery in the village to support their right.  The Royalists rested their left on the village defended by 2 musketeers and their artillery.  They put one cavalry divsion on their right, the other behind their centre.
 The Royalists advanced quickly echeloned back from their right.  Good cavalry command and the galloper rule got both their cavalry divisions into action on the far flank before the parliamentary cavalry got a got a single command activated.  Parliament's dragoons didn't even get to deploy before being hit by the cavaliers though the horse did better and managed to break one of the cavalier divisions with them when they broke.
In the centre the pike & shotte were now heavily engaged.  Parliament advanced their artillery only to have it blown away by counterbattery and musket fire.  The Parliamentary horse on the right were moving left behind the foot at glacial pace.
 Left of the Parliamentary centre, the opposed infantry divisions broke each other.  We play the army break test as losing more than half as in Hail Caesar, so the battle continued with the unshaken units of the broken divisions still being a pest to both sides.  The remaining  Parliamentary foot was being outflanked and worn down by their opponents so the parliamentary horse charged the remaining cavaliers to try and pull the battle out of the fire.
The result was both cavalry divisions being broken in the same turn.  So both armies broke and the battle was draw.

The Royalists had a good strategy in using the village and their artillery to protect their left so they could concentrate on the enemy left, but Parliament found enough tactical tricks to salvage a draw.

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