Monday, July 23, 2012

Wild, Wild West Launceston

Nick vs Rob over 2 weeks, using Legends of the Old West.

No pics unfortunatly -- the games were too exciting!!!!

Hang Em High

When we left the story, Rob's Rowdies had succesfully robbed a stage coach -- but Kid Brown was wounded, and then captured. Sentenced to hang, Nick's Mountain men guarded the scaffold, while Rob's lads planned a rescue. As Kid Brown was being read the last rights by the preacher, shots rang out. The mountain men moved towards the sound of gunfire, but were hampered by townsfolk running around. Peversly, some folks ran towards the gun shots, preventing the mountain men from getting a clear shot at the outlaws. The outlaws lined up behind a fence, and started shooting at the brave mountain men standing out in the open. The mountain men accepted this disparity, planning that as long as the outlaws stayed behind the fence, they couldnt get to the gallows and rescue Kid Brown. Casualties mounted. The preacher was urged to hurry up his reading. But at the last possible moment, Rob's leader managed to shoot the rope, freeing Kid Brown. The mountain men tried to fall back and aprehend Kid Brown, but with further casualties, they lost heart, and headed for the hills.


Rob's Rowdies werent content with getting away -- they wanted to show the town who was boss! A few weeks later a classic Western Showdown developed, as the outlaws, joined by a noted gunslinger, stalked through town, while the Mountain Men, reinforced with a couple of friends (an indian fighter and a lowlife buffalo skinner who would do anything for some booze) tried to fend the outlaws off. Sneaking around the back alleys, the mountain men got close to the outlaws. Their intent was to launch a co-ordinated, close range assault. But the outlaws struck first. The indian fighter proved to have a glass jaw, and went down with the first swing of a fist. One of the mountain men unleashed his buffalo gun, and felled an outlaw. And then it was fisticuffs for young and old. The mountain men gave better than they got, but were not scot free. By the time two turns had passed, the outlaws were down to the leader and the gunslinger, but 1/2 of the mountain men were down as well. With both sides having to pass 'Pluck' tests, the mountain men failed first, and headed for the hills. (Which was a shame, because if they hadnt they were in a position to totally wipe out the outlaws)

So far the mountain men havent won a shoot-out. They have little money, and an assortment of injuries. But with all those battles comes experience -- some of their fighters have become remarkably tough. And the last battle against the Rowdies did not go well for the Rowdies -- despite winning, four of their band were killed! The mountain men are looking foward to revenge!!!!

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