Sunday, July 08, 2012

Saga at Barrie's on Sunday

Jim's Welsh v. Barrie's Vikings

We fought the convoy scenario.  The Vikings had a herd of cattle to drive across the table (from the far side) to win.
The Vikings sent their herd down their right side.  The Welsh sent their cavalry around the Viking left, peppered their centre with bowfire and formed a defensive line on their left.
I did take my DSLR to get some good pics, but unfortunately left the memory card in my computer's reader.  So we have to make do with the iphone.  These are some of Barrie's Vikings.  My Welsh are a selection of my Ancient Britons so don't bear close inspection.
The Welsh cavalry succeeded in drawing Vikings away from the herd.  The Vikings destroyed them, but two Viking units were decimated in the process.   The Welsh bowmen's hot shooting provoked the Vikings to charge to their doom against them.  On the left, the Viking bowmen cunningly disguised as spearmen slowly destroyed the warriors to their front (the Welsh never had enough saga dice for them to advance).  But the battle was decided in the centre.  The Welsh queen (played by Anita Ekburg) lead her troops through the wood against the Viking centre.  Two Viking units were destroyed, but Barrie then got a poultice of good Saga dice and attacked Anita with his Warlord armed with a pile of sneaky Viking rules.  She didn't have a hope.  Without their leader the Welsh stopped getting enough Saga dice to achieve anything and soon ran out of capability to stop the herd despite the Viking army being reduced to a handful of figures.

The Vikings seem to have a plethora of nasty attacking capabilities that if the Welsh have a counter to I haven't found yet.      

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