Wednesday, December 12, 2012

1850 Points Bolt Action

I took a rest after moving house last weekend and made up my Warlords 1,000 pts British Bolt Action platoon.   This was augmented by Mike's US platoon while Steve bumped up his points by adding in his Tiger.

Scenario 4: Hold Until Relieved 1850 pts on 10x6 table - Allies Defending

The scenario has an objective in the centre of the table (in this case a bridge).  The defenders deploy 2 squads near the objective.  The attackers then deploy their force anywhere more than 18" from any enemy.  Half the rest of the defenders come on their table edge as first wave on turn 1, the rest as reserves from turn 2.
Pic taken from the Allied side.  The objective is the bridge on the far side of the village.  The Germans are deployed in a quarter circle on the far side of the village.  The pic is taken at the end of turn 1.  A British infantry squad holds the houses near the bridge with a MMG in support while the first wave of support has come on on the left.

As the Germans close in the Brits in the village keep their heads down and call in the artillery.  It takes 2 turns to arrive, but when it does it pins down all the Germans directly in front of the village buying valuable time.
Allied reinforcements are now pouring onto the table while the Germans try to regroup in the centre.
The Allies are attacking the German right wing to tie them down.  Allied losses are high, but the attacks ease the pressure on the centre.   The Cromwell has been immobilised by a panzerschrek.
Allied infnatry has advanced through the village and down the right side of it.  The Hanomag has been taken out by PIAT & bazooka fire.  The Tiger moved through the line of trees to stop the infantry advance on the German left.  It did that, but this also took the pressure off in the centre.  GI's stormed out of the village to take out the Grenadiers around the half track to secure the objective.

This was by far our biggest Bolt Action battle so far.  The extra troops provided more scope for tactics, but it was still all done in about 2 1/2 hours.  BA are far from a perfect set fo rules, but they do give a very enjoyable game & you gotta love 28mm armour.   The Cromwell survived a battle for the first time tonight - albeit disabled...maybe one day it will actually do something useful.  In contrast, the Tiger shrugged off the fire from medium anti-tank guns, PIAT & bazookas - though it did lose some vital time pinned down by artillery fire.

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